Comparison of start-up visa and entrepreneurship program of provinces

The start-up visa is a federal program and the conditions are the same throughout Canada, and the applicant can live and work throughout Canada, except in Quebec, if the conditions of the entrepreneurship program are completely different from province to province and residence and travel Starting a business and the ability to stabilize the economy of the desired business is one of the basic conditions of the provincial entrepreneurship program.
The start-up method leads directly to permanent residence, and key employees can enter Canada on a work visa after a letter of support is issued, but in most provincial entrepreneurship, the applicant and his or her family enter Canada on a work visa and obtain permanent residence in Canada. It will be subject to the approval of the relevant province to start the business in question and employ one or two citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
In a startup visa, permanent residence in Canada will not depend on the success of your business, and the applicant only needs to take the initial steps to start a startup before registering a company, creating a website, renting an office and hiring staff, etc., but a practical setup And the success of the business will be a condition for the approval of the province for obtaining permanent residence.
In a startup visa, the applicant and each of the company’s key employees (5 in total) must have IELTS 5 in all skills, but the IELTS score in a provincial entrepreneurship program varies from province to province. For example, in Ontario and British Columbia, IELTS 4 / 5 are required.
The start-up visa allows for the permanent residence of five key business employees, including their families, while in a provincial entrepreneurship, usually one and two people can apply together with their families.
In a start-up visa, it is not necessary to participate in the interview unless the relevant officer requests it on a case-by-case basis, but in most provincial entrepreneurship, an interview with the applicant is necessary to establish the intention and ability to start a business.
Innovation and creativity is one of the basic conditions in a startup visa, but in the entrepreneurship program, there is no need for innovation and creativity, and even very traditional businesses can be transferred to Canada.

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