Immigration of doctors and dentists to Canada

Canada is in dire need of hiring and employing physicians with a range of specialties under Occupational NOC Code 3113. Physicians earn between $ 100,000 and $ 400,000 a year based on specialization and skills.

A doctor or dentist with Iranian diplomas cannot practice medicine or dentistry in Canada and must equate his / her qualifications in accordance with Canadian law and pass the relevant MCCQE, NAC, NDEB exams.

If you are a doctor or dentist in Iran and you want to work in your job, this is the first method of study that is recommended due to the limited capacity of Canadian universities and the need for a bachelor’s degree in related fields and passing future exams, if you are young. .

But in some provinces, such as British Columbia, if doctors from the public health department have a job offer and have two years of relevant work experience, they can become permanent residents for themselves and their families through the rapid admission of EEs to health care professionals.

In Nova Scotia, if you qualify for a CPSN medical license and have a job offer and at least one year of relevant work experience in the last ten years, you can become a permanent resident for yourself and your family.
In Saskatchewan, physicians and other health professionals will also be able to obtain a medical license and become a permanent resident of Canada if they have a certificate of employment and six months of legal experience.

If you are a specialist doctor or dentist in Iran and it is difficult for you to start from the beginning and study, if you have the right capital, it is recommended through commercial entrepreneurship such as buying or opening a clinic in Canada, startup visa or investing in Quebec. Take action.

A list of Canadian-certified medical centers is also available at
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