Important points about a startup visa

The startup visa does not require special requirements for age, business management background and high financial standing, and is one of the fastest federal ways to obtain permanent residency in Canada, which now takes 12 to 16 months.
Considering that the most fundamental feature of this program is business modernity and the possibility of competing globally for your business when reviewed by the Canadian Immigration Service (12 to 16 months after the sponsorship application);
Registration of a new idea (patent) in Canada will create the exclusive right to produce, use and sell the invention for you and will prevent possible misuse by third parties and rejection of your application.
From the date of receipt of the letter of support, your core business staff must have taken the necessary steps to start a business in Canada, otherwise your application will be rejected.
An existing business idea may be transformed into a new one with a few fundamental changes
In most cases, you will not need to invest directly in the business you want, but you will learn how to use loans and financial resources.

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